We ask for certainty Root lies in our past-hunter gatherers in the wild Certainty is sought through wealth and institutions Forgetting certainty is bondage Certainty closes new possibilities When nothing is new,everything is dead past Uncertainty is freedom Uncertainty is new possibilities Uncertainty is life,certainty is death Embracing uncertainty is embracing life
So whenever we face uncertain circumstances,we should feel blessed and happy,for we are getting closer to life,whose inherent nature is uncertainty However Complete Uncertainty is chaos Complete certainty is bondage Solution is creative chaos Creative chaos is Autonomy over command/control Mastery over meeting deadlines Purpose over profit/money
There was a time in 1996 when two groups were working on same thing in different ways.One group was having deadlines,commanded by superior professionals,had money backing.The other group was without deadlines,no command structure,preferred autonomy and had no fund.When asked which would survive ever…

Understanding the mind-celebrating life

Mind has two important faculties,memory and imagination.Memory is about the past and imagination is of the future.So,essentially two important faculties of the mind are taking us away from the reality which is"the present".Present is the only thing which we have.Each day and moment is never before and ever after.Today is may eighteenth 2020.This day comes only once in entire life.But memory of the mind fools us "ah ,it's the same old thing".However when we look at it,without impressions of the past,we realise that this day and moment is all new with all new possibilities.A few things which we can do ,to put this in practice 1.Smiling very often 2.reminding ourselves to smile-optimist laughs to forget,whereas a pessimist forgets to laugh 3.keeping aside our prejudices and looking everything with a fresh eye 4.Not rushing up to make conclusions 5.putting aside 10 minutes in a day to appreciate the reality just the way it is. This way we can put mind to our best use,pay…

Stable spot

Jumping up jumping down
To find a stable spot
You keep making mistakes
Again and again
You get angry with yourself
Again and again
You feel pity for yourself
Again and again
Once you stop jumping
You will land a stable spot

Fighting a marshmallow

Tell your Marshmallow
A big hello
Because it doesn't like unwelcoming
Tell your Marshmallow
That you yourself are a marshmallow(sweetness)
And you don't need another
Tell your Marshmallow
Thanks for coming but I don't need you
Stop fighting with your Marshmallow
Because it is not a good fight
Tell your Marshmallow
Thanks for coming,you can stay with me
But you can't dictate me

Celebrating failure

Failure,i did not know you
Until somebody told me about you
Failure you terrorise people
You cause inaction
Failure,But are you still there
You exist for those who accept you
You don't for those who deny you
So failure your existence is doubtful
Infact failure,you are our creation
Failure you exist only in our minds
When we smile and dance with you
You get terrified and run away
So celebrating failure is a way to say
Goodbye failure

Undoing the burden

Burden is something which is not wanted.At times it may seem inevitable and overwhelming.Then comes this idea"life is a burden".A thought that runs in millions of minds.Life gives us just one moment at a time.But our mind is  glued to the past.It is very much anxious about future.Interestingly both the things are still happening only in the present moment.So this moment alone is the reality.Everything else is a creation of the mind.Sticking to this moment(probably a micro second)alone will and can undo many burdens.So just take one moment at a time.


Day is a time when everything comes alive.It brings light to life,clarity to thought.It puts an end to the chaos of previous day,giving us a clean slate again.Just by aligning our lives to the timings of the day can make us alive.Working in the day is a way to know yourself.This I call it daying.Thank and respect your day everyday.This way you are conveying to day that it is very much needed.Keep daying. Keep living.Until another day.